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Latest News: as of 5/7/2019


We have been keeping up with 5 videos a week! I have been focusing on the specific questions that I get from teh audience before we head out into the field for the farm season.

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We have a new season of the podcast up! Season 2 we have solved some of our technical issues, revisited our format, and quite honestly I really love these episodes. We have 6 episodes airing this season, every Thursday morning for the next 6 weeks.

  1. Season 2 Episode 1: Farming Makes You Need To Purge

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My Farm:

I have been working more intensively in the brewery this winter. We are making a lot of changes to our internal structure and I’m having a blast as always being a part of that. I get chicks and bees delivered in April and then the hops start coming up in May. I will have more content from outside coming as the weather warms up. It was 3 degrees outside when I woke up this AM!



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