The Podcast Returns 2019

The Growing Farms Podcast has always been an avenue for long-form conversation about the things that make farms work. With roughly 95 episodes in the archives and a couple years of dormancy it is time for a return.

John Suscovich and Troy Bishopp bring back the show that has helped many a beginning and long-time farmers through good times and bad. While they don’t have all the answers, they have certainly seen and done enough to lend unique perspective.

Troy Bishopp AKA The Grass Whisperer brings over 30 years of professional experience in intensive grazing, land management, poultry and dairy operations, and traditional media exposure.

John Suscovich brings 6+ years of agricultural experience paired with multimedia expertise and small business acumen.

troy bishopp and john suscovich podcast

"Where farmers go to talk shop."

There is a lot of great of “how to” farming information on the internet these days. Anything you could possibly want to grow there is a podcast, YouTube video, blog post, or book about it. The “how to grow” this or that information is covered at local conferences and educational workshops. But how do you fit it all together to your specific situation, and how does all that information adapt to a changing market and political climate?

That is what we are here to talk about. How do real farmers make it work when it seems like every battle is an uphill battle?

John & Troy bring levity, insight, and experience to the hard hitting topics we are all thinking about but not many are talking about.

Whether you have been farming for years,

you are a Homegrown Greenhorn,

or you are starting to consider a career in agriculture…

…there is something we can all do to Grow Our Farms.